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#6489 2013-07-24 GMT-5 hours    
The Selfridge Military Air Museum recently acquired an SNJ4 tail number 27842, for static display in our air park. The problem is this aircraft led two lives, one as a Marine Corps aircraft at Cherry Point and the other life in the Spanish AF and now resides in a museum in Spain. We would like to know how two airframes can have the same number and what it's history is. Can anyone help figure this out?

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#6490 2013-07-24 GMT-5 hours    
When the T-6/SNJ was disposed off a giant mess occurred. Many airframes were mixed up resulting in allocation of wrong serials and wrong construction numbers...
The only clue I have: is there still a plate with a construction number somewhere visible in the aircraft?
The real 27842 should have 88-13520.

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