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#6106 2012-08-09 GMT-5 hours    
Hello there,

just a quick suggestion if I may.

When rejecting a photo because "The subject is not level or the photo overall is not level as evident from the objects in the background." could the screener please write which way the canvas needs to be rotated?

I, the uploader, can't see what's wrong. If I could, if I knew which way it needed be rotated, I would have rotated it in the first place and not send it like that just to waste everybody's time.

Thank you in advance.

Kostas D. Pantios

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#6107 2012-08-09 GMT-5 hours    
Sure, I can have the screeners state that. Good idea!

Sometimes it may not be evident as there is nothing vertical to compare it with, but it can be obvious when looking at the horizon.


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