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#5485 2011-07-17 GMT-5 hours    
I've read several different things over the years regarding wheather to use a UV Filter on a lens or not. I've always used one, but there are a number of people who never have. There reason being it affects the saturation and contrast on images. Plus it's an expense you don't really need as your lens hood protects the lens.

I was just wondering what everbody's opinion was on the subject ?


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#5486 2011-07-17 GMT-5 hours    
The Pro- and Contra-sections of the photographers using or not using Filters are quite the same strenght. I use some of the expensive, highend Filters of B&W, but mainly on small lenses and for example Air-to-Air Photography (photos through windows).

An interesting test was made by the people of lensrentals lately - there you can find some inputs: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2011/06/good-times-with-bad-filters

Muuuuhhh - welcome in the land of milk and chocolate

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