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#823 2007-08-31 GMT-5 hours    
As you may know, I own a Canon EOS 350D. It came with the following two lenses: EF-S 18-55 and EF 55-200.
Mostly I`m absolutely satisfied with my equipment, but sometimes 200mm isn`t enough. Last weekend I was in Switzerland on an airshow and I took many pictures of the planes. But mostly they are too far away.
I have this problem also every time I`m spotting on the airport.

So I thought it would be enough to get Photoshop Elements and try to make them better..
But next problem is, if I cut out the part of the picture showing the aircraft, it gets grainy. There`s a lot you can do with Elements, but it`s not enough to make these pictures looking real good.

So I think my 200mm lens isn`t good enough. I thought about buying the 100-400 L IS, but this time it`s too expensive.

What else can I do to get better pictures? I had a lot of fun taking them, but now it`s sad to see that they aren`t that good as you wished they would be..

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#824 2007-08-31 GMT-5 hours    
I paid £150 for my Canon 75-300mm lens 3yrs ago

And all the photos of mine you see are taken with this lens,

But saying that i too would love a 100-400L IS lens, not just for the extra reach but because they just look so good on a camera

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#1588 2007-12-06 GMT-5 hours    
Depends on your budget.
The 100-400 for sure will solve your problems but it is very expensive. I really like primes so I'd take a used Canon 300/4L (non IS version, the older one)which goes about 600 euros. In the future you caould also add a 1,4x to obtain a 420/5.6L lens with minimal Image Quality loss.
For this price you have superb image quality. If you want a Zoom also the new 70-300 4/5,6 IS USM seems a nice lens in the 500 euro range.

If you want to stay on the cheap side:
75-300 4/5,6 USM II (or the new III)
sigma 70-300 APO (red ring)
tokina 80-400 AT-X (II)

but they are not so excellent at the long end. You'll have to stop down them.

hope this help

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#2079 2008-02-19 GMT-5 hours    
Everybody loves the 100-400 IS L Usm, it is an expensive piece of kit (1440 euros) but it is soooo worth it.
But you can buy second hand, I had a Tamron 175D IF for years, 200-400mm, but slow (needed to be stopped down to 8 or 11) and heavy, but it was a good lens, until fungus set in :-) The Tamron cost me around 200 Euros and really worked well (with good weather )

I sold part of my camera collection to pay for my 100-400. Having said that, Buzzards solution of the 300/4 L is a very good option. I've tried this combo once (in all honesty tried as in shot 30 odd shots as a test) and the qualityloss was minimal.

Otherwise I would try out the Sigma 70-300 APO which is indeed a very good lens (if stopped down)

L8tr... Tom

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#2108 2008-02-23 GMT-5 hours    
If you're on a budget find a good used copy of the Canon 100-300mm USM lens, it's been around since the early 90's and is still regarded as a pretty good lens. Plus it has the ultrasonic motor for fast and quiet focusing, I have one and have been using it since 1992.

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#3708 2009-02-23 GMT-5 hours    
I've had very good experience buying used equipment from Keh.com. Their prices are fair and the grading system is quite generous. I rarely buy new now.


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